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Sparkling Water Tanks Maintenance Schedule

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Collecting rain water for drinking. It is important to keep it clean by following some simple maintenance.
Clean rain water, keep it clean.

I love the taste of rainwater and there's pride in collecting and storing your own water for household use. There are a few important but simple maintenance steps that should be followed to prevent contamination of your water supply. Below is a checklist to follow to improve and maintain quality water for your family.

How often



Remove rainwater tank inlet and outlet screens and clean. Replace and make sure they are tight fitting to prevent insects entering the tank.


If fitted, unscrew and clean first flush devices.


If rain heads are fitted, remove leaves and clean


If wet systems (charged lines) are installed, empty after each rain event or install self-draining devices

3 months

check tank, entry and exit points. Make sure there is no damage to screens, pipes or flap valves and repair straight away

3 months

clean roof and gutters for accumulated debris including leaf and other plant material.

6 months

remove tree branches and foliage overhanging catchment area

6 months

inspect inside tank for evidence of animal or insect access and algal growth

12 months

If filters are installed, clean housing and filter. Replace if necessary

2-3 years

​Inspect inside your water tank. Sediment/sludge accumulates over time and should be removed to prevent contamination. Contact a professional rainwater tank cleaner.


​Everyone's rainwater catchment system is different and the 'how often' column will vary based on your system, location and weather events.

"Water is life, and clean water means health." – Audrey Hepburn

Annual Inspection

What if you simply don't have the time or forget to follow the checklist? Sparkling Water Tanks offer an annual, inspection of your rainwater catchment system. This includes inspection of gutters, pipes, first flush devices, leaf eaters, tanks, filters and UV lights as well as advice on potential improvements. The cost for this service is $160 and is included at no additional cost when you have your tanks desludged and filtered.

Tank desludging and filtration

There are many ways a rainwater tank can be desludged. The process we use at Sparkling Water Tanks can be done with minimal water loss. The sediment is carefully vacuumed off and it can be done while the tanks are full of water. The remaining water is then passed through a 25 micron filter that will pick up most organic matter suspended in the water. Contact us today for a free quote.

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