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Snake skin contaminates rainwater tank

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

I recently was called out to a job where their rainwater tank had been cleaned by another tank cleaner only a week prior. They had a snake skin caught in the down pipes which contaminated the water. During that clean, the water was not dumped, but just the sediment was vaccumed out, which resulted in the water remaining contaminated. You will see from the photo below, what bacteria can look like in just a few days, as I started to vacuum the slimy sludge.

Once snake skins get wet, they become a breeding ground for bacteria, which when consumed can make you very ill. In these cases where the water has been contaminated the entire lot of water must be dumped and the tank thoroughly cleaned and sanitised before a fresh load of water is added.

It is very important that all down pipes are checked regularly to avoid these slithery friends from making a comfy bed and shedding their skins.

Installing a good quality filter UV system is also recommended.

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