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Mosquito breeding in rainwater tanks on the Sunshine Coast

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

This is a sample of water from a rainwater tank we took recently which shows mosquito larvae swimming around. People are unaware their drinking water is contaminated with these little pests!

Stagnant water in gutters, downpipes and first flush systems, along with our hot Queensland climate, make the perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are known to be carriers of diseases such as:

  • Ross River Fever

  • Barmah Forest virus

  • Chikungunya virus

  • Dengue fever

  • Elephantiasis

  • Malaria

  • Murray Valley encephalitis

  • Yellow fever

  • Zika virus

These little suckers are not wanted! It's time to get them out! Thankfully SPARKLiNG WATER TANKS can help set up effective barriers to stop them getting into our drinking water.

We can help...

  1. Keep your gutters clean! Removing decomposing leaves and installing gutter mesh.

  2. Leaf Eater rain heads are a great solution for keeping mosquitoes out of your pipes at the gutter end. These also prevent water getting trapped and becoming stagnant.

  3. Make sure your water tank's screen is not damaged allowing mosquitoes to get in. There are great screens available with offer mosquito-proof screening.

  4. Making sure that there is not other access into your tank such as the overflow that mosquitoes can get in to.

If you'd like to know more about these services we offer, give me a call today on 0405396159.

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