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Smelly water from rainwater tanks

One of the driving factors to get people curious as to the state of their rainwater tanks is a smell that can come when they turn on a tap.

The main causes of this bad odour are:

A dead animal

It is important that proper care is taken to prevent any animal from entering the tank. We often find small snakes and other smaller reptiles decomposing. This little snake gave off a putrid smell.

Sediment and Slime

Odours from sediment and slime accumulating at the bottom of rainwater tanks are the most common cause of a distinctive sewage or rotten egg-like smell coming from the water. This is caused from a growth of microorganisms that produce sulfides. Pipework must also be kept clear of stagnant water or soil and decaying vegetation accumulating in the guttering.

This is what was sucked out of the bottom of a rainwater tank we cleaned.

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